Bi-folding doors


Bi-folding doors are doors that will make you feel like you are sitting in the garden. Thanks to the freedom of assembly, they allow you to create a large space. Very often they are used in cafes and restaurants. They can also be used as a partition wall to connect two rooms into one whole in just a few seconds. Bi-folding Doors will work great everywhere, where you want to open the space to the outside world.

Bi-folding Doors are made of high quality, timeless oak, exotic meranti or pine wood. They are available in many colors and almost any form. It will harmonize with the exit from the living room to the garden or flowered area of your premises, that is, wherever you want to combine the interior with the surrounding nature.

Numerous concepts and technological solutions make Bi-folding sliding doors suitable for virtually any interior and exterior style. The simplest and most popular choice is a door with a wooden threshold which guarantees maximum tightness and thermal insulation. The doors with an aluminum threshold are less popular. This type of threshold is recommended in homes where children, the elderly and the disabled live, as this kind of threshold makes it easier to move through the door.