Sash Windows


Among the solutions that are very popular with customers, you can mention wooden sash windows. Products of this type (timber sliding sash windows) operate in the up-down sliding system. This is a definite advantage because it saves usable space inside the room. The drive of the windows of these windows, traditional sash windows, is supported by weights or springs located on the sides of the wings, which allows opening the window without the need for excessive force.

Our offer is full of sliding windows made in the style of English traditional sash windows, which work well both in homes and in public buildings. Thanks to our timber box sash windows, the building gains a unique atmosphere, and its elevation attracts the attention of every passer-by. The high quality of wood used for the production of wooden sash windows provides them with durability, which will translate into trouble-free use for many years.

1. Traditional Sash box Windows on weights 

The traditional “sash window” works by reversing the weight of the sash to the weights attached to the wire and passing through the pulley. These weights (generally lead, steel or cast iron) move up and down in a box hidden in a window frame, hence the name “sash windows”. In order to avoid collision weights are often suspended in a box, a spacer bar. Access to the scales is done using removable pockets, usually cut into the interior of the cladding.

2. Sash Windows on springs 

In general, the appearance and functionality of  traditional “sash windows”, but uses spring stresses to smoothly move the wings up and down. Ideal for new constructions or renovations, perfect for easy and efficient conversion of existing windows into the weight mechanism, thanks to the wide weight range and mounting brackets. Spiral standard scales provide adjustable tension. Weight loss and torso weight are pre-tensioned to meet your requirements.