Casement Windows


International Windows Group as a manufacturer of English casement windows offers modern solutions that will surely satisfy every customer. Timber casement windows are wooden windows that open to the outside. This ensures not only the convenience of use, but also large arrangement possibilities. The opening of window sashes in wooden casement windows on the outside means that we do not have to take care of objects that are decorative on the windowsill, which will not be damaged in any way. Thanks to this method of opening windows, windows casement windows also get easy access to the glass from both sides, which is a definite advantage when cleaning windows, which will now be quick and trouble-free.

In the production of hardwood windows, casement windows we use the highest quality raw material, which translates into the strength and durability of the obtained products. Our offer includes high class traditional windows, wooden casement windows, as well as solutions that take into account the individual needs of customers.


Flush Casement Windows are traditional English windows that open to the outside. The way of opening these windows are types: turn, tilt. The window sashes are attached to the frame with one or more hinges. They are hung on the wing and can either move inwards or outwards, depending on the style you want. They are ideal for full ventilation, light and are extremely easy to clean. Flush windows are characterized by wings similar to the frame and finished in one plane with the surface of the window and its frame.


A visual example of the Flush Casement window

2. TILT AND TURN WINDOWS (Eurowindows) - DJ68

A dual function mechanism enables tilt and turn windows to be opened in two ways. It is a system that opens inwards. They can be fully opened inwards from the side,providing free view and easy access to both sides for cleaning and they can also be tilted inwards at the top to allow for effective ventilation. This type of windows also provides excellent protection against the weather. International Windows Group tilt and turn windows are easily operated with a three-positions handle. Our tilt and turn windows fully comply with fire escape regulations.

A visual example of the Tilt and Turn window